My name is Glenis

and I am a cancer survivor. Twelve years from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, eleven years from Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and ten years from a Donor Stem Cell Transplant. I have always loved photography. I love how pictures can speak to us, how they create a mood, and the ability of a picture to convey a message or cause us to pause and reflect and appreciate a 'moment in time', to be 'thankful' and have 'gratitude' for these 'special moments'.

HOPE empowers us

and gives us the mental strength to truly believe in a better tomorrow. I hope my book THINKING OF YOU  gives you a feeling of calmness and belief in a better tomorrow. I wrote this book to encourage others to embrace the same power of HOPE that I had felt through my cancer journey and which I continue to respect and hold dear 'the power of HOPE' in my daily life. It nurtures me and gives me strength.


Ten Fifty Australia is about you and about me. Looking back over my life I can now see, that by the time I was about 10 years of age I was well influenced by family and my surrounding environment. It's obvious how this can set us on a path to make choices in our life that affect the direction our life will take.

At the age of 50 I began to question the decisions I'd made in some areas of my life and career. I loved my work, but I felt there was also other things I would like to be doing.

I think many of us ask ourselves the same questions. Is there something else you would like to be doing? Maybe it's a change of job, finding an outside interest or starting that hobby you have been yearning to try.

We often get caught up trying to please and 'fit in' to other people's schedule - BUT what if it does not fit into 'our schedule? What were the plans we had for our future? Did we ever really allow ourselves the time and space to really stop and think, am I truly doing what feels right for me? What were the plans we had for our life? How liberating it is to be decisive - not cruel or selfish, but in a kind and compassionate way of saying 'no, this is not going to work for me'.

Its about you, its about me

These images give me peace and comfort. I hope you feel the same as you wander through the pages.

Dance to your own music

Life can rain on our parade.

Am i truly being ME?

Clouds give me peace and comfort.

You are born with the right to live in freedom and to reach your full potential.
At 1050AUSTRALIA we believe in YOU